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  1. Jack

    Sounds fishy to me man. I think its kinda required delivery service carries cash in the event of two twenties. I’d call management and complain. 😉

  2. admin

    Thanks Jack – I thought about it, but a) I figured since I called in to say, “the guy didn’t have change so I have to pay now with a card” that they got it and b) I wasn’t too inconvenienced, so I let it go. Plus I was hungry by that point and just wanted to eat! But now I am in a position where while I really like their food, I don’t like picking up or getting delivery. If I find another place with food close as good that is more convenient, I’m switching!

  3. Sounds like he was just not prepared. Probably didn’t put a lot of thought into being prepared for work considering the chosen career of indian food delivery guy. Or maybe he just doesn’t carry a lot of cash with him ON HIS BIKE!

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