7 Responses to “Success Lessons from a Reluctant Cat Owner – Part 2: Don’t Make Things Out to Be Worse Than They Are”


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  1. Becca

    I cannot wait to read Parts 3-5! Surely we can draw a lesson from having to clean the litter box? That was one of my biggest hurdles as a dog person. I think that is definitely a way that dog trumps cat.

    Another thing I got over was how picky some of the kittens have been. Some won’t touch dry food, and some will even be selective about which flavors of wet food they will eat. Yet the one that I ended up adopting will eat anything and will drink from my dog’s water dish. I guess some of them really like to train their humans!

    My favorite thing to watch has been the developing relationship between my dog (a 5-year-old weimaraner) and the kitten that I adopted. It began well with the kitten trying to nurse from the dog. The dog was most certainly freaked out, and would stand up anytime the kitten would push up to the dog’s belly. Then the kitten decided that the dog’s ears and docked tail were toys to swat at and bite. Still, the dog was patient, and the kitten seemed to show remarkable bravery. Then the kitten decided to push next to my hip to snuggle, and still the dog was showing unbelievable patience.
    At first I thought that the dog was getting the short end of the stick each time, and I was a little bummed that I was subjecting her to so many kittens this summer. Then I realized: the dog has a good thing going too! The dog now has fairly regular access to kitten food, including the stinky wet food (the stinkier, the better!), and even when the dog cannot actually sneak some kitten food, she still gets to lick the kitten’s face post-meal. The dog also gets some cuddle time with the cat, which they now both seem to enjoy. The dog suddenly has all these new toys, including an awesome laser pointer. So . . . while things can sometimes look one-sided at first glance, they can actually be mutually beneficial.

  2. Avish

    Thanks Becca! yes, the cats can be very picky – and picky about different things (that’s what today’s post is all about)

    Thanks for sharing your story. A kitten interacting with a cute dog may be just too much cuteness for one home…

  3. Becca

    Cannot wait to read today’s post . . . off I go!
    Yes, the cute quota was definitely reached with dog alone. Add in the 1-lb (well, now 5-lb) kitten, and it’s almost overwhelming. Sometimes I just sit back and soak in the cute.

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