9 Responses to “Monday Motivation: Dealing with Flat Tires on the Path to Success”


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  1. Great blog, Avish! And congrats to Amanda! What a great accomplishment!

  2. Fabulous blog Avish and congrats to Amanda! Awesome accomplishment. Now what will it take to get you exercising, too? 🙂

  3. Holy cow! A triathalon! I’m SO in your shoes on that one – I’d rather look at the beer and make the congratulatory food and be the one pouring the gatorade over the contestant. The boyfriend type is the one who does the hiking and the one I most expect to be showered with all of those masochistic accolades. Me? I’m on the ‘most likely to eat two cheeseburgers in one sitting’ list. Congratulations to your girlfriend!

    I do like the part where you start mentioning all of the times that you’ve said something for inspiration – I get that SAME stuff going on where I’m like, ‘hey, didn’t I write about this before? Shouldn’t I have been paying attention?’ Thanks for cheering up my Monday. 🙂

  4. nancy

    Thanks Avish for this wonderful blog about Amanda. I felt like I was watching her through your eyes with pride! Thank you !

  5. Great story and lesson…..I can relate. My approach is…” It is all a game, so keep on playing”. I agree that Amanda’s accomplishment in light of obstacles, makes her a winner.

  6. Avish

    Thanks! She did great, and is now trying to get me to sign up for one in September. We’ll see…

  7. Avish

    Thanks EJ – I can’t believe i forgot to pour Gatorade over her head at the end! I even had a couple of bottles with me…

    I’m glad I could help your Monday!

  8. Avish

    Thanks Nancy she did great, and we were all proud of her!

  9. Avish

    Thanks Kate – that’s a great approach. So much more can be accomplished if you treat it like a game and keep on going!

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