5 Responses to “How to Not Lose $10 Million Dollars by Oversleeping”


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  1. Lourdes

    Agreed, if it’s that important, have a backup.

    I know he was only 5 min late and the rule was put in to place for people who would skip the first day but … but he probably had a swanky enough of a hotel to have both a call service and an alarm clock. Aren’t caddies supposed to be your right hand man as well?

  2. amy rosenberg

    This reminds me of the story about the Olympic alternates at the 2010 Winter Olympics who were not present or even reachable when their particular events were taking place. That’s like going to the airport as a standby passenger and not waiting at the gate.

  3. avishp

    I hadn’t heard that story Amy – that’s awesome (or sadly tragic, depending on your perspective!).

  4. avishp

    Lourdes, I know, it’s crazy. I heard someone say that he might have been staying at a private house but still doesn’t he have an assistant (or like you said, a caddy)???

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