4 Responses to “Twitter Stupidity Can Get You Arrested”


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  1. Pea

    Saw you on DLM. REALLY enjoyed your post and clicked through – and by jove you are a smart ass! But when it comes with talent it’s okay.

  2. Debora

    I actually strongly disagree with you on this one. I agree that joking about having a bomb with you when you are at customs or on a plane (as some morons have done in the last few months) is simply stupid. But I agree with this man when he states what he said was obvisouly just a joke (what terrorist would start with ‘Crap’?). I can understand the police wanting to make sure and check, but a fine is uncalled for.

    I saw this thing on TV years back where a documentary crew was filming in Israel. They had done some film shots at a hospital and then moved on to the next location. There they discovered they had forgotten one of their bags at the hospital. They went back finding a bomb squad already around there bag. I remember thinking I was grateful to be living in a country (The Netherlands) where a lost bag was still just a lost bag. Nowadays I find it is not. And I feel we are letting terrorists win by being scared of the most simple of things.

  3. avishp

    Debra, thanks for the comment. I don’t think we actually disagree all that much. For the most part, I think the charges should have been dropped as well (I say as much in the post). My point in the article is that with these new technologies, people need to apply a little thought before spouting stuff off. I might be able to casually say to my friend or co-worker how much I’d like to blow the airport up or how I’d like to murder my boss, but putting those types of things out for the world to see (on a forum designed to help the word spread) seems a little dumb. Especially when I know, as you point out, that the police and airport security are hyper sensitive to this stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. avishp

    Thanks Pea – and welcome!

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