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  1. Love this post! Though, I find it hard to believe that you eat apples…. I’m just saying.

  2. avishp

    Hey! It’s a new year, so I figure I have 2-3 weeks of healthy living before it’s back to buffalo wings and Chinese takeout…

  3. Amy Rosenberg

    Many companies use these internal metrics in very… well… dumbass ways.
    Example: they use metrics to rate things that the employees really have no more control over than the weather, and then blame the top managers for those rankings. Of course, there is then the trickle-down effect of the blamed manager having to “pass the buck” and soon everyone is scapegoated and demoralized. It reflects a lack of big-picture understanding of cause and effect — in other words, a lack of systems thinking.

    Another example: the branches each decide that THEIR branch has to be in the 70th (or whatever) percentile and then blame the managers if the employees don’t rank that highly. But the branches are all comparing themselves against each OTHER so of COURSE they can’t ALL be the top 30%, no matter how great they are.

    So sometimes metrics create more problems than they solve.

    Well, as I always say, don’t get me started… 🙂

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