5 Responses to “The Day the Muppets Failed to Deliver on the “Brand Promise”…”


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  1. Tony Angeles

    Avish — I you want to get creeped out even more…Did you know that for the Cratchit family, the original intention was to give Kermit and Piggy half-pig/half-frog children? Let that roll around your head for a bit…

  2. Avish

    Please tell me you are joking! Thank goodness they came to their senses. That would have made the movie MUCH more of a horror story. I am fine suspending my disbelief to the point of believing that when a pig and frog mate, all their female children are pigs and all their male children are frogs. Now that’s wholesome family entertainment!

  3. Becca

    Broken brand promise or not, it’s all worth it to see Beaker give Scrooge the bird!

  4. Avish

    I agree with that – angry Beaker rocks! The rest of the movie is awesome – probably my favorite Muppet movie, and one of my few “Holiday viewing traditions”

  5. Paula G

    I think part of the brand promise got diluted when Jim Henson died, no matter what the official line is on it. That being said the muppets can turn me into a 5 year old almost instantly. When things get me in a bad mood I just channel beaker 😉 then I feel better….

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