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  1. Kendall

    I absolutely cannot stand those multiple button push people. But almost as much as those people, I do not understand the logic of having a close door button… that does nothing! Why are we wasting money and worker’s time creating buttons that do nothing? I understand that they are used by firefighters when using the elevator, but instead of inspiring hope to people in a hurry, they should create some way to signify that the button is useless… and while doing so create a program that plays a voice saying “You are a d*uchec*ck” to multiple pressers.

  2. Paula G

    The only thing worse than an elevator button are those crossing signal buttons. You know “Push here to walk” when the traffic light is not in your favor. I know I’ve hit them once (and occasionally a maddening number of times) and no matter what it never seems to make the light change faster. I think those buttons are just there to make you feel like you have some degree of control, when in fact you either wait or jaywalk 🙂

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