One Response to “More Traffic Ranting…”


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  1. Jeff Porten

    Sounds to me like you’re mooshing up your apples and oranges. The five-second delay was probably entirely unconscious on the part of the driver, in a psychological class of decisions that takes place below attention. Most likely, he was daydreaming about something else, and five seconds was the time it took before he realized that his unconscious mind had spotted a decision point.

    That’s not a problem with flexibility, that’s a problem with mindfulness and living in the moment.

    Re procrastination, I note that I intended to go to dinner an hour ago, and instead I’m on the couch catching up on my RSS feeds. Assuming you enjoy having an audience, it’s not always about inconveniencing other people with poor time management skills.

    Finally — I think the problem isn’t selfishness, the problem is how you define social norms. We’re engineered to live in villages of 2,000 people, and we live in communities of millions — this requires a certain give-and-take. For example, I resent having to play Frogger every time I cross a mall parking lot, risking injury or death as I dodge cars driving around looking for “good” spaces that will cut 50 feet from their ambulation. Notably, both of us will solve our selfishness issues if you just pull into the first space you see when you park and walk the rest of the way.

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