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  1. I agree!

    Do you think that there was actually fear on the background (for those people who were preparing too much)? I would assume that in public speaking, you are bending your comfort zone quite a bit and try to perhaps find excuses for not getting started.

    Anyway, we are sometimes our worst roadblocks. First, we analyze and plan too much and when we finally get started, we are not able to finish anything quickly, because we strive for perfection.


  2. Avish

    Timo, that’s a good question.

    I do think there was some kind of fear, but probably not a top level conscious fear that anyone was aware of. And probably not the type of fear normally associated with speaking. I think someone who’s decided to pursue the professional speaking path is not holding themselves back to avoid speaking in public. I hope! 🙂

    Based on some of my research on perfectionism and the “growth vs. fixed mindsets” I think the fear that is at work here is the fear of self-evaluation. In short, perfectionists and people with fixed mindsets take feedback very personally, as a measure of self-worth. Ergo, they want to prep as much as possible and reduce the possibility of feedback and criticism before they “put themselves out there.” People with a gowth mindset get started and welcome the feedback as a way to improve.

    That’s my amateur psychologist evaluation, at least!

    Thanks for commenting and participating!

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