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  1. Avish–love your unconventional productivity tips because it shakes up the thinking. People have a tendency to get comfortable and they keep doing the same things the same way. They tune out what they think they already know or what they think they’re already doing when they get tips that don’t challenge their way of thinking. In my presentations I often feel that I’m sharing what they probably already know because there isn’t anything really new so I challenge the audience to accept that some tips will validate what they’re already doing yet others, if they allow, can shake things up. Sometimes, all people really need is that ‘whack on the side of the head’ to help them stop their thinking and behavioral patterns. Good job coming at this from a different direction!

  2. This is good stuff. I am a grad student and a blogger, which means every day I have teaching work, research writing and blog work I can attend to. Most of it is not “must” work, and a lot of it is hard to churn out without feeling it, so I use these strategies a lot to do what’s flowing when it is, and jump around tasks. I hope this helps other people too!

  3. Avish

    Thanks Natalie! I agree that we all need to look at things from a differently angle ans shake things up. I’m glad I was able to do that here! And I’m glad to hear that’s what you do with your groups too!

  4. Avish

    Hi Bethany, thanks for stopping by and sharing. I love working by flow, though I’ll admit it took me time to get out of the regimented “must do this next” system and just let myself work on whatever felt right at the moment.

    P.S. I love your unnecessary quotes blog – very funny stuff!

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