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  1. Finally I’ve met someone with the exact same issues with surfing. Sometimes I think the best tactic would be to cancel the internet and only use it at the library…

  2. Awesome site you have here Avish! I spent about 15 minutes watching your improv motivational videos and a couple of your news videos and love how you mix up good motivational energy… with a GREAT sense of humor. Will definitely be following you on my bloglines account. -Daniel Wiafe

  3. avishp

    Thanks so much for visiting and for the nice comment! I am glad you stopped by, and glad you enjoy the site – thanks!

  4. avishp

    I’ve thought about that – or at least, since my internal network card died and I have to use an external USB one, just unplugging it in the AM until I am done…hmmm, that may not be a bad idea…

  5. Amy Rosenberg

    Really good point… I think it is very good to check email regularly. If a client is writing to you, you make a good impression if you respond quickly. Also, sometimes people cancel appointments via email, and if you don’t check often, you may show up at the appointment. That happened to me once.

  6. Avish

    Thanks Amy. You’re right – in many businesses, speed is not only valued, it’s required. And email is becoming such a default communication method that people won’t think twice to send important info only via email – don’t check it and you miss out!

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