3 Responses to “The World Wants You to be Stupid: The Headline Fallacy!”


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  1. X17

    I like your article and agree with a lot of things you say in it. Kind of ironic to use a headline with “The World Wants You to be Stupid” in it though. Big stretch compared to what the article is about, no? Maybe more appropriate: “Mainstream media wants you to be stupid”?

  2. Avish

    Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. You have a point in the irony of the title. The “World Wants You to Be Stupid” thing is part of a series I started to post articles about various groups trying to succeed by assuming people will just believe what they hear. This one specifically is about the media, but it can be about anything – companies, advertising, politicians, education, etc. Granted, so far, the posts in the series have been about companies and advertising.

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