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  1. Okay, heres my pseudo VB code for chainsawing your way through HL2 next time you load it. Here goes:

    ‘ this one should be Obvious(tm)
    sv_cheats 1

    ‘ Unlimited Health

    ‘ All Weapons
    impulse 101

    ‘S pawn a Jeep
    impulse 82

    ‘ please use this one sparingly

    ‘ Aaaand if you want to play that chick in TNG who dupes that whole planet into thinking she’s a devil returning after a thousand years then…

    ‘ Seriously though, the I have to, I get to is reminiscent of another phrase the Motivational Smartass has said before. “Yes and…”


  2. avishp

    Thanks the cheat codes Jack! I’ll keep them handy should I revisit the game. For now I have moved onto an another old school game: System Shock 2.

    I like your point of “I get to…” being reminiscent of “yes, and…” very nice…:-)

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