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  1. Avish,

    Really good article. I’m taking both your written and spoken advice!

    I’m still testing the waters in networking, writing, and cold calling. I feel decent at all three, and I’m trying to figure out which one I can become great in.

    Writing is great. Fun once you’re in the flow and once written lasts forever. But, like most folks, it’s the getting started each day that dogs me.

    Networking is really fun, but it takes So Much Time. (and my wife and kids like to see me sometimes.)

    And cold calling… The rap that it gets from everyone, all the hate around it, makes me shy away. But, that might just be social conditioning. I haven’t hated it so far.

    Most people hate public speaking and shy away from it, too. But it’s we do for fun (and money). So, we’ll see!

    Maybe the solution is in some combination where we cold call to set up appointments to get together and write articles to each other and pass them around instead of business cards. I’d rock that!

    Thanks again for the advice. next time you’re down Tampa way, let’s get some Improv in!

    Toby Martini

  2. avishp

    Thanks for the comment Toby.

    You hit the nail on all three. It does come down to building your own system, based on what works best for you. I like the idea of creating a combo that works for you.

    Thanks – the next time I’m in Tampa I’ll let you know!

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