5 Responses to “Do Something Great in November – The Real Prize of Habit Building”


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  1. Amanda

    Wow, that was great! I agree completely about the importance of habits. Sometimes I get so focused on a big change and then don’t follow up on the habits I need to do to accomplish it. Hopeful then December can be the make it a habit month for me!

  2. Holmy

    Avish, just to let you know that I totally nailed my November goals. Thank you for the inspiration. I am so happy and blown away by the leadership abilities and character that I have built over this past month. It was an awesome 30 days (yes I included some of October).

  3. Avish

    Just wanted to thank you again for this. I really nailed what I wanted to do. Starting school again on Wednesday. I’m excited.

    How did your novel come out?

    You rule.
    Rush forever!

  4. avishp

    Thanks Jack! I’m glad you found it useful – that’s great about starting school! I’m glad that all worked out.

    I hit my 50,000 words, but that’s still probably less than half the total. I am committed to completing it though, but I am going to scale back to 500-1000 words per day.

    I do plan on posting a video and written post reflecting back on lessons learned from this past month.


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