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  1. Heya Avish and fellow November Dudes!

    Avish I TOTALLY get the not being able to do anything when you are not in the environment you need to be. Spending time with family always derails anything I would do, whether they are here or i’m there. But when you don’t get to see them all that often, its kinda understandable. Glad to hear though that you re-evaluated and found that you’re still on track with your plan. I look forward to reading the novel.

    As for over here, well, I posted to you what happened with the whole “we’re not accepting you high school records thing”.

    I told my Admission advisor from another pretty well known school what happened to me and how that basically derailed me from starting November 8th, like I wanted to. She was shocked and basically laughed at that debacle.

    I mean, seriously, working professional with a degree already and they didn’t like my high school records?

    Anyway, I am now thankfully enrolled in a school that recognizes that its been twenty mrrrmf years since high school and doesn’t mind that one bit.

    I have a couple of placement exams to take over the next two weeks, but other than that, I’m ready to go. The big day?

    December 8th.

    Luck to everyone who is participating in the November challenge. And thanks Avish for instigating this. I’ll buy you a drink next time I see you.


  2. avishp

    Jack, that is quite a story. I can’t believe that now, after XXX years 🙂 they are giving you a hard time about your high school records. Ridiculous. And a great example of stupid policies that make places miss the big picture. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on that someday…

    It sounds like you are dealing with this “Ding” nicely though. It’s great that rather than letting the setback completely stop you, you found a new approach and are still continuing on your path. Well done – a lot of people can learn from your example!

    Good luck, and keep going!

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