4 Responses to “Who Are You, and What the Heck Do You Do?”


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  1. Hi Avish!

    I found you through the IttyBiz post from today and really enjoyed reading about what you do! Love how you use humor – what a great idea! Looks like you’ve got some great resources here I’ll have to check out. 🙂

  2. avishp

    Hi Jess! Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment. I’m glad you liked the site – I’m looking at yours right now. Very interesting stuff!

  3. Hi Avishp–

    Had to check out the other ‘teacher’s pets’ from Naomi’s site. Love the humor–it really comes through immediately. I imagine you’re a welcome change to most biz meetings 😀

    Take care,

  4. avishp

    Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 On my “to-do” list for today is to go check out all the other “teacher’s pets” too. I look forward to checking out your site

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