2 Responses to “Decisiveness Check: How Well Do You Deal With the “Elevator Dilemma”?”


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  1. I think there’s one unstated assumption you’re making here — that the extra five minutes you’ll wait until the next elevator *matters*. In most cases, it doesn’t; sure, you want to be enjoying naked naked fun time in the hotel room as soon as possible, but unless you’ve got an appointment in 15 minutes, you can just let moments like this roll off your back.

    In my experience, *most* people act like every minute matters at all times, which in turn is the source of most of their stress. All I need to wait 20 minutes at an elevator is my iPod — I save the need to make every minute count for those minutes which actually matter.

  2. avishp

    Thanks for the comment Jeff. I agree that the 5 minutes doens’t make much difference, and I am pretty sure I have made some previous posts that say the same things as you – if people were to relax and keep little problems (like an elevator delay) in perspective and let it go the world would be a better place.

    In this story, I wasn’t in any rush at all. I just don’t like to be delayed at all due to someone else’s indeciveness, as I think it is a wholely unnecesary problem. So you know I am going to blog about it when I see it ๐Ÿ™‚

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