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  1. Al

    Great blog post as always. However, you fail to mention that *all* man’s problems can be attributed to trying to get into someone’s pants. War, famine, you name it. Additionally I doubt there is anyone who wouldn’t take on 5 Cobra Kahn black belts to get into Ali’s (Elizbeth Shue’s) pants. In fact, if you didn’t try, they you deserve to be the dude in the basement like Milton in “Office Space” and even a motivational speaker like the great Avish is going to improve you as an employee.

    Some other lessons:
    1. Guys who were head bands to the beach on a regular basis never get the girls. True now, true in the 80s.
    2. Don’t get so worked up over a high school romance. Look at what Daniel went thru to win her over, and they didn’t last as a couple long enough to appear together for Karate Kid 2.

  2. avishp

    Thanks Al!

    Good points – many a war has been started over the love of a woman…

    I love your observation about the fact that Ali dumps Daniel before Karate Kid II! I should have thought of that. He gets beat up, beat down, almost killed, all for wanting to get with Ali, and then she dumps him – on prom night! Great point!

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