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  1. Akash Mulchandani

    Hey Avish,

    I really liked the article “Do what you love and money will follow”.

    I have a theory on this too which of course I postulated after number of years in the industry.

    It follow the old adage – “When the disciple is ready, the master shall appear”. I feel all of us as products go through a product life cycle. We start of with a high degree of passion, probably still low on skills and oblivious of our special talents…..with time we discover ourselves and hone our skills….we reach a certain level of maturity when the market starts recongnising us.

    I feel if one were to map this life cycle there is indeed a system by which we come into our own and success starts following us. But yes it requires a high degree of commitment besides passion. I feel you should have added a 4th called persistence. Talent – yes recognising one’s strengths and using them to the fullest is Key.

    Market is essential…but it can be created if there is value delivery and that value delivery can be shown and communicated to others.

    I really liked the article….very pragmatic considering that the Personal Development Space can sometimes get really preachy.

    Thanks for the sahring. I am going to be avidly following your webpage.


    Akash, India.

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