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  1. I loved it. It is extremely true, and I find myself in the same boat all the time; “This is awesome… but other people don’t necessarily think so.”

  2. This post rings quite true. I don’t know how many times I’ve thought to myself ‘How the hell is this person so successful? They’re such an idiot!!’ I’ve always wondered what the “trick” was that they knew and I didn’t. Confidence is something I never considered.

  3. avishp

    Thanks Homer – yeah, it can be kinda sad to the rest of us, but a stupid confident person will usually do well, “deservingness” be damned!

  4. Vinnie Vitale

    Great post! Confidence does kill, but the ability to objectively reflect on one self may be preventing the intelligent from enacting it as well; we don’t want to seem arrogant! (Even saying “we” makes me feel arrogant, but me is not exactly stupid either haha). We must be modestly confident! Hopefully our actual ability will in turn be recognized by others, like it has in this case– I work for your brother Rajiv and after telling him about my desire to do comedy, he turned me on to your site. Nice work– I think you have left me material-less if I ever want to do any bits about driving!

  5. avishp

    Hi Vinnie, thanks for the comment (and sorry I missed it earlier and didn’t respond then)! I am glad you like the site – feel free to do buts about traffic – there are more than enough stupid driving stories to go around! how is the comedy going?

  6. Chris

    “Confidence unbounded by logic”

    Quite a powerful thing.

  7. Why is it so true. It seams that most stupid people that succeed always fall into something. Who would have ever thought that confidence is something that they don’t lack only since they don’t know any better.
    Great post!
    All we should really consider is helping people but with the confidence they can trust.

  8. avishp

    Thanks Pete! Yes, if all smart people could adopt the same confidence levels of stupid people, the world might be a better place (or it would just be filled with arrogant blow-hards! lol 🙂 )

  9. I loved it. It is really true, and I find myself in the same boat all the time.thank you..

  10. I usually dont normally post on many another Blogs, nevertheless Thanks keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

  11. Avish,

    I saw you once when you came OKC NSA last year (or was it this year). Great presentation.

    I’ve been sharing this article via my twitter account every other day for the past week. Each time it is getting between 20 – 50 clicks. So you might be seeing a spike in people reading this article even though it is over a year old.

    Keep up the great work.

  12. Avish

    Thanks Patrick, I definitely remember you from that presentation. Very fun group!

    Thanks for sharing the article. I hasn’t paid that close attention, but now I see that yes, there has been a spike in traffic to that page. I’m glad it resonated.

    Thanks again!

  13. There are more educated people that are going bankrupt than the poor are.

    People throw their money away to be educated and they could be feeding the poor with the money but they prefer to give the money to and illiterate lawyer to help them go bankrupt.

    I know a man that went bankrupt 6 or 7 times and I can beat him in tennis.

    God is NEVER wrong. He said the wise of the world is USELESS in 1st Corinthians 3:19-20. I depend on God to get me through life while all of the rest of ya’ll don’t even know God.


    I am so stupid that I typed the word ‘illiteret, wrong so I typed it on the above web search and {{{BOOM}}}, it showed me how to type ‘illiterate’.

    It is never what I know but who it is I know that knows. BYE!

  14. Sachin

    Good one, I think for sure every one will think why stupid people carry the success at least once in there life time.

  15. matilda lol

    Im 21 and consider myself a genius. though I haven’t started a year of college, and I’m a delivery driver, I have the mind to succeed. i think we just overthink the crowd. dumb people do well because majority of everyone is dumb. if a dumb person with all the confidence is pitching to a room of ‘smart’ people, the dumb will be booed out the door. dumb people win because majority of people are dumb. i bet a few people at the comedy show laughed at the comedians you, ‘smart’ one, thought was unfunny.

  16. Rachalle

    This is so true!

    But what also makes dumb people succeed is the fact that they have assistants or co-ordinators that work out the logistics of their stupid idea and put it altogether whilst working out the kinks, making it into a great idea.

    Obviously they take the credit and won’t share the commission haha

  17. Asb

    Stupid people succeed because they lower their standards and then consider their failures a success.

  18. Avish

    Great point – thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  19. Better to lack confidence than to indulge ignorance. I am sickened by all these people asking, “how can I fit in” or “how can I socialize more easily,” etc. and the lame-duck responses they get. The lowest level of humanity (subhumanity) are these confident idiots. Above that is the clever man who can get ahead in the game. The highest are those who realise it’s a joke, that you don’t need any of it, and that the approval of fools and gaudy trinkets profit us nothing if we have to become like them to gain it.

    Those who are trying to find out how to ‘go along to get along’ are still lacking in illumination (as the Gnostics would say).

  20. Tiff is quite passable in her attempt at rationalizing things. “Fitting in” and “socializing” are for the journeymen – nobody would give you a straight answer as they are simple and the question sounds like “how do I breathe?” Let’s see if she could walk her talk but well, people are just people, I don’t serve their stupidity and, I concede that nowadays I feel that bad audience is not better than no audience.

    Attacking and disturbing the demography for its many faults are always good sports other than controlling it and I know that what I am doing is right.

  21. James Thomas McEntyre Jr

    Everyone else is on their own!

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