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  1. So…What do you do at an improv rehearsal? I am not being a smart ass 🙂 I really wonder.

  2. avishp

    No worries Michael, this is not a smart ass question – it’s actually pretty common. I suppose the word “rehearsal” is a bit of a misnomer, but since it’s a theater type performance, that’s what we call it. It would be more correct to think of it as “practice.” Basically we play improv games and drills to a) help master the mechanics of the games b) train the mindset and reflexes so that we automatically perform good improv and c) develop chemistry between the performers.

    It’s easier if you think about it like sports; teams practice to develop their skills and reflexes, but when they get to the game anything can happen.

  3. Andrea

    Avish (papa), so glad that you tried and I’m impressed about how you went about it. 😉 I just make jokes at work!

  4. avishp

    Thanks Andrea – it was a fun ride and I learned a lot doing it (and it got me to where I am today).

    And there’s nothing wrong with making jokes at work 🙂

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