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  1. Amy Rosenberg

    haha, this is a great one; very true!
    It seems that when the delivery is for something that you have no choice about, they often tell you greatly exaggerated delivery times. They figure, they won’t “lose the sale” by giving a long delivery estimate, so they really over-exaggerate it.
    For example, I needed to get the fingerprint test in order to teach. They told me it would take about four weeks to get the results. Actually, people get the results in about two days. They just say “four weeks” to keep people from calling them. However, my employer really needed that report right away. So I had to drive down to the post office every day for weeks to keep seeing if it was there yet! Their office could not even tell me whether it was even sent (Your tax dollars at work.) As it turns out, there was a problem with my test, and they never did send it. If they had just been honest and said, “You’ll probably get it in two days,” I would have known much sooner that something was wrong.

    Yes, you make a good point. Sometimes you need a relatively accurate estimate, and one that is too long is not good, because you then have to make some sort of alternate arrangement.

    ONE more thing! You talk about sitting in your house, waiting for the delivery, afraid to even use the bathroom… Once I waited for UPS like this. I heard a noise at the door, and FLEW to the door, but they were gone already. They just put the sticky note up without even ringing the doorbell and waiting a single second! You would have to actually be sitting on the front step all day to catch them. I am sure I am not the only one this happens to. They put the note there, because they want you to sign it giving them permission to just leave the expensive item unattended the next day.

  2. avishp

    Thanks Amy! Those are some great stories and additions as usual. I totally feel your pain on the delivery guy not ringing the doorbell! In fact, today’s post is about that very thing. Was it DHL that was trying to deliver your package?

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