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  1. The fact that she purchased said gum, at 2.91 indicates that is was, in fact, not too much. Here’s the problem. When people think something is too much, they need to not buy it. Period. Sure there are some exceptions, emergencies, urgencies, what not, but she validated the sales model of the Hudson news but buying it at the price.

    Even more interesting is, you don’t mention what airport. If it was PHL, they specifically announce that they have “street pricing” meaning that if someone is gouging travelers, then you can report them.

    Don’t get angry, lady, get constructive.

  2. BKdigi

    I believe more important is teaching my own subconscious brain not to create anger except for a rage state of physical self defense if needed. Teach my own brain not to attempt to fight with a movie being recorded in my brain of the world outside my brain, movie of situations outside my brain, movie of people outside my brain. Teach my own subconscious brain correct perspectives to ensure that my brain will not attempt to control external situations or people by attacking myself. I am responsible for what emotion my own brain creates. By improving base brain perspectives my brain automatically improves clear thought or pleasant emotional response. I do not need or want to control the world outside my own brain and body.

  3. avishp

    Yes, it’s interesting how people will complain, buy it anyway, and then complain somewhere. I guess they don’t quite understand that companies will say, “hey, if people are paying, why lower the price”

    This was not PHL, but rather Dallas Ft. Worth. Don’t know if they have a similar policy, but from the gum I am assuming not.

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