3 Responses to “When Policy Meets Dumbassery”


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  1. Artjennerator

    So what happened to the officials when they confiscated the drugs? Were they all sent home for a week without pay?

  2. avishp

    Tell me about it! It’s so stupid. Some of the comments on that page I linked to are pretty funny too. Like the one about coming to school with drugs and a slingshot, and shooting them at the kids you hate – since they “touched” the drugs, they should be suspended, right? Oh the stupidity…

  3. Amy

    Very interesting article.
    I remember a friend telling me years ago that he got a detention (not a suspension, just detention) because some other students said he had participated in something, when he really hadn’t. So it seems that schools need policies for how to “sentence,” as you say in this article, but also in how to decide what evidence to use to “convict,” so to speak.

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