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  1. Jen

    Avish, you are so right! Moments of “dumbassery” are not fun. But I like to look at it this way: They keep us humble, often because they happen at the worst times possible.

  2. I can’t remember a specific instance where I’ve been a dumbass after critizing someone else for their dumbassery but I know there have been plenty of occasions…mostly on the roads and in fits of road rage! You should see the road rage in India!

  3. avishp

    Jen – yes, those dumbass moments keep us humble – if we’re smart enough to acknowledge our dumbassery. seems like a lot of people take no responsibility and just get angry!

    Amit – I’ve been on the road in India, so I know of what you speak. And I’m with you – I know there have been times that I have complained about someone’s driving and then for some reason done something similar myself…but at least I’m man enough to admit it! 🙂

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