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  1. Great fun!!
    My friends keep telling me they know single guys “But I wouldn’t do that to you” is the common refrain… yikes!!
    Maybe we should have a Valentine’s Day singles table at NSA for closing events??

  2. Amy Rosenberg

    Great article! Funny and true.
    I love the story about the girl 300 miles away.
    Here is the main thing that I find tricky about being single. It’s hard to explain. It’s basically the idea that two people can coordinate better than one. With just one person, there is often not the ability to manage a complex situation.
    Here is an example.
    Years ago, I was at an airport and had waited hours in the line to re-do my ticket. The ticket agent had me talk on the phone to my airline. That phone rep told me to go to the kiosk and get my ticket. Since I was only one person, when I went to the kiosk, I lost my place in line. The kiosk didn’t work, and they insisted I get back at the end of the line again. So I missed the next two flights, since I waited hours again in the same line.
    If you have any physical infirmity, and there is another person there, they can assist you.
    In many cases, if there is someone else who can field a call, or pick something up, etc., you can both take advantage of many more opportunities.
    Basically, it is a way to be two places at once, and share priorities, which leads to greater efficiency.

  3. Amy Rosenberg

    PS to previous post:
    Some simpler examples:
    If there are two people and no parking space, one person can drive the car around the block while the other runs in to make an urgent connection or delivery.
    Or as we all know, when there are two people, one can stay with the mountain of luggage while the other goes to the restroom!
    Of course, this doesn’t need to be a romantic partner, but could be someone traveling/living with you.
    You get the idea… 🙂

  4. avishp

    Hi Amy! Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are definitely times when the main reason I am upset about being single is simply that it would make my life more convenient! I did try to keep my points to ones where simply having a roommate or travel companion wouldn’t suffice – but I know what you mean 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. avishp

    “But i wouldn’t do that to you”? Do you thank them or get upset…? Sounds kind of ominous 🙂

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