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  1. Amy Rosenberg

    Great article! This is actually one of my MAIN pet peeves… how people try to stifle children’s creativity. I remember it from when I was a child, and I have seen it as an adult, too. It can really have lifelong effects. I am glad you kept your creativity intact and thriving, despite such discouragement.
    Thanks for speaking out on this very important issue! It can really make a positive difference for children AND adults.

  2. Reminded me of a sad but beautiful poem on stifled creativity – A Little Boy by Helen Buckley

  3. Jim Everett

    This is a great blog post! As usual, you hit the nail on the head and do it in a funny, but somewhat painful way.

    I don’t know who gave the quote about what employers seek and what they reward, but it rings completely true with my experience.

  4. avishp

    Avani: Wow, that’s a great poem. I don’t consider myself a big softie, but that was very on point and sad. And probably scarily accurate. Thanks for sharing the link!

    Jim: Thanks! I am still trying to locate the source, but I am sure that many people, like you and I, would have no trouble believing it.

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