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  1. Amy

    Interesting. I myself don’t like eHarmony, but the reason is not that there were any “bad experiences” with other members.
    Rather, it was the way it was set up. First of all, men could set a range of ages to meet younger women, but women could not set the same sort of range of ages. Apparently, the designer or owner has a double standard about such things! Then you filled out this whole personality checklist and they gave you this whole essay about your personality and you rated how accurate it was. Mine, TOTALLY inaccurate. Then, you would only read people’s multiple-choice answers, rather than reading what they actually wrote. I can evaluate someone much better based on their own essay than on a multiple-choice checklist. And hmmm… let’s see… their way of matching people’s interests was very elementary. I write inspirational and organizational development works, and so they matched me up with a writer… who wrote a biography of a rock star… Hmm, not exactly the same field, lol. Kind of like if they saw you were a “speaker,” and matched you up with someone who sold audio equipment, lol.

  2. I have a few single clients who have also had mixed experiences with online dating sites, yet I know of several people personally who have met and married someone they met through this source. So, good, bad, or indifferent, online dating can be a source for some people to meet the right someone.

  3. avishp

    Amy: I had no idea eHarmony didn’t let women set age ranges – that’s kind of ridiculous. And that’s a statement that would just be a fact, not an opinion. and are you saying t didn’t work out with you and the rock star biographer? 🙂

    Natalie: I take online dating for what it is: just one more resource to meet people. I have had mostly neutral to good experiences. But that may also be a perspective thing; I don’t have any horror stories because I a) do a certain amount of qualifying, b) set expectations low (and first meetings low key) and c) take it all in stride, so even if I don’t hit it off with the person I try to have a good time.

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