One Response to “A Complete and Utter Lack of Logic”


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  1. Believe it or not, this actually makes sense. On a certain level.

    The problem is that pricing of airline flights has absolutely nothing to do with the service of airline flights. You can find examples of this daily: a flight from PHL-IAD-LAS can be cheaper than the equivalent flight from IAD-LAS (and in some cases, than the flight from PHL-IAD). Individual leg cancellations provides all sorts of ways to game the system, so they simply make flying every leg a rule for the ticket pricing — otherwise, they’d have to outgame every customer.

    So, yes, they lost fuel money flying you to Phoenix, but that doesn’t compare to the millions in revenue they get from the overall booking system. All of that said, it seems to me that airlines which become known for improving customer service in this regard have a definite market advantage.

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