15 Responses to “5 Great Motivational Songs From 80’s Movies”


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  1. Nice call on “Heart’s on Fire.” I had the soundtrack growing up. I used to listen to that and the training montage score until I wore the tape deck out.

    Survivor and Vince DiCola. Will your stars ever stop rising?

  2. How you left out “I Need A Hero”, I’ll never know.

    Unfortunately, the song that you triggered on the mental soundtrack is “Montage” from Team America World Police.

  3. avishp

    Jeff: You are the second person now who has mentioned “I Need a Hero.” I think I may need to make a second follow-up list (I can already think of a few that I left off)

    Terry: A few years ago I bought a CD titled, “The Rocky Story.” Had all the deliciously bad songs from Rocky IV, as well as the classic Rocky theme and some other instrumentals from the Rocky movies. I still have and listen to it. One of the best ROI CD purchases I have ever made…

  4. Hi Avish,
    I knew it would be Hearts on Fire! Ha ha!

    Good selection of songs, mate!

  5. avishp

    Thanks Gordie! It was a tough call, between Hearts on Fire, No Easy Way Out, Eye of the Tiger, and of course, “Gonna Fly Now!” But had to go with Hearts – it’s too good! on those rare occasions when I go for a run, when that song comes on the mix my speed always increases. Always. 🙂

  6. I believe that the greatest motivational rock song ever is by a band called The Best. They inspire with positivity and a message of hope and personal redemption.


  7. Terry Adams

    WOW! How did you come up with these “so 80’s” movie songs? The lyrics are great and the video clips made me laugh, out loud. Thanks!

  8. avishp

    It’s not hard when you grew up on and still love 80s movies! I am sure I could still come up yet another follow up post to this!

  9. I obtained the strangest seems to be tonight, while eating Oreo’s in the Health and fitness center.

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  11. Lee

    Frickin’ genius mate! I also inexplicably love Mark Safan – Win in the End! Also love Amy Holland -shooting for the Moon from Teenwolf…pretty much all the Rocky soundstrack is pure motivational stuff. Hearts on Fire and No Easy Way Out being particular highlights.

  12. Avish

    Thanks Lee! I haven’t heard the Amy Holland song = I’l have to check it out!

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