2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Humor: Rain on My Parade – Please!”


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  1. Guess the appeal for me is making up for lost time, so now as an adult, it is my excuse to drink hot chocolate and snuggle on the couch in my jammies and cheer for Kermie… and yes, I thank God for the remote b/c Matt and Merdith are enough to make the chocolate curdle….

    alas this year I will miss the Macy’s Parade as I fly home belatedly from NSA Phoenix… a few days in Sedona will get me out of eating my mom’s turkey….

    best wishes finding someone to pick you a beer and buy you a brain…. uh, i mean…. 🙂

  2. avishp

    Coleen, I think you at least have it right that you are staying in your jammies at home (with the ability and willingness to change the channel!)

    Have fun in Sedona – turkey usually tastes best when it is made by someone else!

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