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  1. You missed one key question: why did you let an arbitrary decision (“I will watch the entire X-Files straight through”) override your obvious, truer desire to give up after season 7? You took your leisure time and turned it into something unenjoyable and counterproductive. Why do that?

  2. avishp

    An excellent point Jeff, and one worthy of being added to the list of lessons from this story. I think many people have trouble letting something go before it’s reached completion. Even if that thing was supposed to be fun and now no longer is. Society does kind of train people to value those who “stick to it,” and look down as those who don’t as quitters. But sometimes quitting is the best thing you can do.

    One of the best small life decisions I made was a few years ago when i gave myself permission to stop reading fiction books in the middle if I lost interest. I used to feel a strong need to finish a book I started, even if I started to hate it. Life became much better when I let that go!

  3. Dan

    Another fantastic article, Avish! I know too many people who keep going to jobs they hate because they remember the good times from long ago and refuse to understand those times are past. People also do this with their “things”. If you graduated from college 15 years ago, do you really need to hang onto your “Spring Fling ’95” t-shirt? There’s a place for sentimentality, but there’s also something wrong when EVERYTHING has sentimental value!

  4. mensch

    You have motivated me to start watching my movies again. Just watched and returned one I had been sitting on for weeks.

  5. avishp

    Thanks Dan – it’s way too common a problem. Though there’s not anything too wrong with holding on to a spring fling ’95 t-shirt, is here…? 🙂

  6. avishp

    Excellent! I do what I can…

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