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  1. Hi Avish,

    what an excellent point about the importance of accepting compliments, indeed. So many women especially seem to have a difficult time with this… or women will often diffuse it with some of disempowering explanation.

    When all they have to do is follow you advice, smile, and say, “thank you.”

    So simple and yet so challenging.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

  2. I gave a compliment to someone at the National Speaker’s Association meeting in Phoenix this week…. had to convince myself to do so (“She’ll think I’m lame”), but it led to a wonderful conversation and my altering a preconceived notion….

    So don’t hesitate to pass on positive thoughts and feelings (aka compliments/higher than usual tips), and don’t hesitate to just say Thanks… because if they’re giving you positive feedback, take it with the spirit intended and offer gratitude!!

  3. avishp

    Yup, as long as you don’t waste their time, pretty much everyone will appraciate a kind word. And like you said, sometimes it can lead to a great conversation and/or connection!

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