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  1. PyP

    Avish, I was cleaning out my closet a couple weeks ago and ran across a savings bond that I’d be given when I was a kid. I can’t recall who gave it to me, but I absolutely remember the feeling I had when my parents explained to me that it wasn’t actually worth the $100 value that was printed on it.

    I can only imagine the look on my face when I went from thinking I’d just been given $100 to learning I’d be well into adulthood before I collected my bounty. Actually, it was probably similar to the look I had two weeks ago when I ran across the bond and thought, “Wow, I remember getting this as a little kid, how fun that I’ll now get the benefit of this gift,” before realizing that I still have to wait another NINE years until I see my hundred bucks!

  2. Amy

    This is GREAT! I completely agree with your picks of the best, and worst, candy choices.
    I remember when I was in college and living in West Philly, in a fit of nostalgia giving out Spiced Wafers on Halloween. I remembered liking to get them when I was a kid. You should have seen the incredulous looks on the kids’ faces that year, lol! I’m lucky our house didn’t get bombed after that…
    LOL about candy corn. It is like holly at Christmas: a necessary decoration, but you wouldn’t want to eat it.
    Oh and here is a tip for who gets the MOST candy: The teenagers who come around doing cleanup at 10 p.m. with pillowcases and no costumes… I give them the big unopened bags of candy that are left over! Maximum ROI!

  3. Amy Rosenberg

    Hi again Avish! I did a little market research with the elementary school kids I work with, about what they want for Halloween. You were right on target about them not wanting cash, gift certificates, or toothbrushes. At the mention of toothbrushes, a girl made a horrified face. AND they said that the money would just be a waste of time, because they would just have to go use it to buy candy (which is hilarious given that they would have a full BAG of candy) and also they said the gift certificate to McDonalds would just made them fat if they bought McDonalds food…. So you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the US kids! They just want candy.
    However, they all said they loved to eat candy corn…
    Thanks — I am looking forward to reading the next one. Your articles are really great…

  4. mensch

    I really like your idea of giving out actual, live goldfish. I bet the kids would love it, but all the parents would hate you.

    What other live animals could you give out that wouldn’t cost much? A small box of crickets (surprise!)? White mice? Lizards?

  5. avishp

    Hehehe…box of crickets…that would be awesome…

  6. Cassie

    Today someone got mad at me when I voiced my opinion that handing out political ads (even Sheriff badge stickers) is not something kids like.

    They insisted the kids were “thrilled” with them.

    What is your take on the subject?

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