4 Responses to “7 Ways to Be a Lovable Smart Ass”


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  1. Hey Avish,

    Mike Worth introduced us last night. Wanted to say, I like your site, and this article is very good too!


  2. Ashwin Cambell

    Sorry, I completely disagree. A smart ass is a smart ass, end of story. Only a smart ass would think that a smart ass is funny. To the majority of the people, it’s annoying as all!

  3. Sabrina Morris

    So, I’m an administrator and Moderator of some large groups on Facebook and I get called a smartass at times. I mean it’s by the people who think I’m funny so it’s hard to think I’m “egotistical” as the definition states. Also the comment here from Ashwin saying it’s annoying. I find being brutally honest with a touch of humor to be eye opening. People far too often are fake and have something to prove. Not that I wish to offend anyone but I’m not going to change the way I am because some rando (not my friend) has an issue with me. I understand putting relationships first but I can’t possibly stop the snark. I do it only with those I’m comfortable with and vice versa. I can tell if I cross a line I’m not insensitive just not candy coating anything. Managing online conversations of people of 50,000 or more people gets me off that tip toeing around thing. I guess I could avoid the snark but then what would I ever say? My tact went out the window when I have to regulate online trolls. I wouldn’t last if I was soft. All via perception really. You worry about you and I’ll worry about me.

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