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  1. Debora

    I have to say, living on my own has gotten me into a habit of talking to myself out loud. And it’s hard to contain habits to a space so I sometimes notice myself talking to myself out loud in public. Kind of like that guy you descibe. I might be at the office saying stuff like “Tape, tape, where’s the tape”. I don’t usually notice untill after I’ve uttered a few sentences.
    What surprises me is that this behaviour weirds you out. I don’t notice that around me.

  2. avishp

    Thanks for the comment Debora. The concept of someone talking out loud doesn’t weird me out in and of itself. It’s when they do it when they are standing close to me, loud enough that I am not sure if they are talking to me or not. I feel like I need to decide between ignoring them or making a lame half-shrugging, “sorry i don’t work here” response. I’d rather be left alone to my shopping 🙂

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