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  1. Greg Mallek

    George Lucas used up his vision on Star Wars and TESB. He was already starting to lose it with ROTJ (hence the pre-Jar-Jar Ewoks), so it’s no surprise that he had no more vision left over for Pixar.

  2. avishp

    Fair point. I’ve always felt Lucas was more of a visionary when it came to special effects than anything else. Star Wars just applied the heroes journey, and he had help with Empire. But Jedi he was asserting himself more (hence the Ewoks) and he handled all of the prequels, which is why they stunk more then Chewbacca’s fur after being in the trash compactor…

  3. Eric

    It’s interesting to note also that while Jobs had no faith in animation’s ability to make money, Chuck Kolstad DID believe in the true dream of the company, and when he finished brokering the deal with Disney, Jobs laid him off and took his stock options. The real visionary here got screwed over…

  4. Holmy

    I just read this to my son going into second grade. We spoke about his dreams and what he wanted from this year. He said that you need to add one more category: “Make sure that you believe unto yourself.”

  5. Avish

    Wow, I think this is the first instance of someone reading one of my blog posts to a second grader! Thanks Holmy! I like the new quote – maybe I’ll do an addendum to this post 🙂 Now I have to ask, is that quote from a Pixar movie…?

  6. Avish

    Thanks for the comment Eric! I don’t believe I was aware of that story. That’s a shame. I suppose there’s the additional lesson – protect yourself!

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