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  1. So True.

    The amount of times i have put off doing a project because because i felt the need to get perfect. I think what it is really is taking massive action.

    I think we are all guilty of that some times.

  2. avishp

    Thanks Sophie! Though I would even say that while “taking massive action” is a great thing, thinking about massive action can lead to its own paralysis. I know I have skipped gym workouts because I “only have 30 minutes” when I had planned on working out for an hour. Massive action is super, but any action is better than none!

  3. Francesca

    Was this your approach to the drain/plumbing issue? 🙂 Sorry, but the smart ass in me usually takes over when I comment. I do agree with you-which, for me, falls under the “better to do something half assed than not at all” category. Which explains my near last place finish in the triathlon. I could have waited for next year when, presumably, I would be faster than a speeding bullet et al. Instead, I chose to just do it and get er done. Works for me. Half assed, maybe. Completed and happy, absolutely. No regrets.

  4. avishp

    Congratulations on the triathlon, Francesca! That has been on my “life to-do list” for a while. And I hear you, just getting out and doing it and not worrying about where you finished. (I once wrote creenplay that was absluterubbish, but at least I finshed it and sent it off for a contest. I lost.)

    I didnot use duct tae for the snake/drain issue, but I did reslve that situation. I think there is a blog post in the works about that whole ordeal..

  5. Amy Rosenberg

    Avish, the thing I love about your articles is that they get everyone thinking about their own experiences, and looking at them in new ways. You always make me excited to share my own relevant (well, USUALLY relevent, haha) stories.
    OK, this one really spoke to me, because I need to be much more of a duct taper! Case in point: My alma mater sent me an offer for discounted renter’s insurance. I talked to the guy on the phone about it, and when he tried to close the deal, I said, “Well, I am not ready to buy yet.” You see, I thought I had to photograph and label all my stuff before I could get the insurance (WRONG), and I was working on a busy project at that time. Well, a few days later, I got robbed. So the next day, with nothing worth insuring anymore, I went out and bought renters insurance… Viva la duct tape! 🙂 Though I guess there is a sales lesson there, too, because he told me all about photographing everything, and he could have closed the deal by inquiring why I wasn’t ready, and uncovering my misconception. Still, totally my own fault.

  6. avishp

    Wow Amy, that sucks that you got robbed! I am sorry to hear that.

    It can be a tough balance to strike between thinking things through all the way and not overanalyzing. I think it just takes lots of practice (and lessons learned!)

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