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  1. Amy Rosenberg

    Awesome article! The world definitely needs to be reminded of this!! I think it all starts in childhood, and what people are taught by their parents/community. I see it in my small town, too. When teaching, I always try to emphasize to the children to hold the door for the next person, as they all walk into the building. But most just try to squeeze in fast, and let the door fall on the next kid. And the other day I was walking with an elderly friend walking her dog, and the teenagers (seemed 17, 18 y.o.) on the sidewalk would not even step aside to let her pass. She had to basically squeeze her way through them, and one girl even said, “Oh my, didn’t see you!” but she still didn’t step aside, though her face was just inches from my friend’s.
    At the school, there were two schools occupying the same building, and the teachers from one school (which started later) would always double-park the other teachers in, because there weren’t enough spaces. We asked them not to, but they did anyway. Because, yes, they were just that much more important. Thanks again for a great article! I hope it is read by some of the people who need to hear it!!

  2. avishp

    Thanks Amy! You must see this an awful lot as a teacher! (sad but true…) I think deep down people want to be kind and considerate, but they just don’t train themselves to see and take advantage of the opportuntities to do so.

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