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  1. In fairness, they are referring to their victory at the World’s Fair in 1893. It’s the Colombian Exposition, featured in the book “Devil in the White City.” It was a seminal event of the cultural history of America. For many years after it, it would have been a huge thing to have prospered there. Hence PBR’s holding on to it.

    I will admit that effect would probably only lasted a generation or two.

  2. And seeing as how both you and Terry tend to still use one-liners about me which were original in 1997 — pot, meet kettle.

  3. I won the Franklin Jr. High Chess Tournament in Cedar Rapids, Iowa back in 1983. Really, is there any higher goal left to reach? I think not.

  4. avishp

    I agree Rich, you may as well pack it in. Or be a chess coach. With that on your resume, it’s an automatic success!

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