2 Responses to “Goal of Marketing: To Confuse the Consumer??”


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  1. Amy Rosenberg

    So insightful! This is a great article… Yeh, I think it’s definitely the last option… to make people think they are eating smaller, healthier portions. I can’t believe people are not “on to” this trick. “New small.” Oh that is just too weird.

    They do it with pricing, too. I bought clothes at Dress Barn once, and the elaborate sign told us to take off 50%, and then take 20% off of the result. I heard the saleslady say to each customer in line, “So you got 50% and THEN another 20% off, so after ALL the discounts…” When it was my turn, I just looked at her and said, “Why doesn’t the sign just say ‘60% off’?” She looked at me and frowned. LOL

  2. avishp

    Thanks Amy! The “new small” was crazy. When I ordered it I asked for both “new small” and the “middle one” just to make sure I got the right size.

    The multiple discounts is clearly another ploy ’cause you know everyone looks at 50% off and then another 20% off as 70% off, not 60%. I think it’s funny you pointed it out to her! Well done!

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