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  1. Amy Rosenberg

    You are right that people shouldn’t be honking. I do wonder, thought, whether more people would have taken public transit, if it had been reliably running that day, and they knew they wouldn’t be stranded. (details omitted, but take my word for it…Details available upon request, lol!)

    So yes, complaining without looking at the big picture IS dumbass, but CRITIQUE (of the event-planning–looking at how the parking and transit systems were set up that day, and how other cities manage it) — is critical thinking, and the way that systems are evaluated and improved.

  2. avishp

    Thanks Amy!

    You are 100% correct that critique is valuable and useful. But critiquing and complaining are two very different things, though many people think they are critiquing when they are in fact complaining. I didn’t know public transit was having issues – that sucks!

  3. Amy Rosenberg

    Good point, Avish, they are two different things. I like to think that my friend and I were “critiquing” as he drove me home from the event, though maybe some “complaining” slipped in there as well, lol.

    Your article reminded me also of when I have been on different boards and committees, and there is a fine line between the members/board members complaining (“Why don’t you provide everything for me and hold my hand the whole time, while I don’t show up for any meetings?”) versus productive critiquing (“Here is a suggestion for increasing efficiency.”) One board member wanted me to re-mail her the agenda because she had filed the copy I already sent her, and she didn’t want to bother to go get it in her filing cabinet. So, that sort of thing.

    This is a lively and timely article about the importance of taking personal responsibility for one’s choices and actions. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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