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  1. Things I’m “supposed” to like but don’t:
    -Holiday meals with siblings and parents
    -Watching kids play sports
    -Watching anyone play sports, for that matter
    -Local wines (unless I am in Bordeaux or similar)
    -Sightseeing with clients
    -“Classic” board games (Monopoly, Sorry, Life, etc.)
    -Card games
    -“Quality time”

  2. admin

    Thanks Robert – I love your list! Thanks for sharing it.

    “Quality time”…now that’s funny

  3. Craig

    Things I’m “Supposed” to Like But DON’T :

    -Peanut Butter
    -Two and a Half Men
    -Nintendo Wii
    -Happy Hours
    -This past Season of American Idol
    -Dancing With the Stars
    -Evil Dead movies
    -Geno’s/Jim’s/Pat’s Steaks
    -Avish Parashar

  4. admin

    Nice Craig, thanks!

    I particularly like the last item on your list.

    Sheesh, seems like everyone wants to be a smart ass these days…

  5. PyP

    Great post Avish! Here’s my list:

    – Clubbing
    – Linux
    – the gin martini
    – New York City
    – Dane Cook
    – Pie
    – the Chicago Cubs
    – BBQs/cookouts
    – Bruce Springsteen
    – Social networking
    – [bracing myself for the backlash] The Office

  6. Adrian Sandu

    -roller coasters
    -peanut butter (just like Craig)
    -cake (the ones with a ton of icing on it)
    -Angelina Jolie
    -and people in general 😉

  7. admin

    Thanks PyP. You win the prize so far for “most things on someone else’s dislike list that are on my like list” The Office?? Really?

    Ah, to each their own. Thank you for making the point…

  8. admin

    Thanks Adrian. I didn’t think it was possible for a person to not like “Lost,” (one of my faves which I have even blogged about), but I guess that’s way it goes. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Nate

    I totally agree with the office, I liked the first season or so, but lately it just isn’t funny.

    I suppose I’m now obligated to make a list:

    -RPGs like WoW (both single player and MMO)- I just lose interest after awhile
    – amusement parks (ugh)
    – parades
    – Excessively loud party music in any context (particularly in the rap genre)
    – the beach (boring)
    – Chocolate cake or ice cream (vanilla is much better)
    – Facebook apps and/or myspace
    – Laptops
    – iphones

  10. Tanya

    OK….some may need explaining:

    — Holding little babies that I’m not related to (you never know what’s going to come out of them)
    — Malls…(too much work to get to one store)
    — Window shopping or “going in just to see what they have” (I shop when I need to)
    — Looking thru photos of people I don’t know (like 100 of a colleague’s kid’s wedding)
    — Nail polish (why was it invented?)

  11. admin

    Ach! I had no idea that this topic would be open season on the Office! It’s one of my favorite shows…:-)

    But I really agree with a lot of the rest of your list. I play the occasional solo computer rpg, but have never gotten into the MMOs, no matter how many people tell me how awesome they are

  12. admin

    Thanks Tanya – good thing you explained. If your list had just said, “holding little babies” I might have gotten concerned. I do agree 100% on the “looking through photos” thing

  13. Julie

    Most classic rock
    historical sites/reenactments
    laughing when people fall down/get hit in the privates
    sports cars

  14. avishp

    Thanks Julie! Amazingly, I think I like everything on your list (except historical sites and reencatments). I *love* Lost,classic rock, and football, and do enjoy Ikea and laughing at people when they fall or get hit in the privates (provided that that are not hurt!) Just goes to show, everyone have their personal tastes!

  15. Oooo, ooo, I want to join in!

    Things I don’t like.

    – baseball on TV.
    – watching track and field events.
    – watching children play track and field events.
    – going to children’s birthday parties.
    – The three Star Wars “prequels”.
    – Transformers after they converted Megatron to Galvatron.
    – Children’s facepaint that you get at the zoo (trust me, it’s murder to get off).
    – Big TV Networks (they must have a preferred personnel hiring contract with Hell).

  16. Kelly

    Watching basketball
    video games
    American Idol
    Watching tv all day
    Visiting sick friends
    Visiting family
    Being around sticky nasty kids(who are supposedly cute)
    Sci-Fi anything, including Star Wars and Tron
    Drama from family and fri-enemies

    I like being outdoors, around animals and learning.

  17. Kelly

    I forgot to add- I hate beer.
    It tastes nasty to me, I hate it.
    I do drink, in fact I like Rum a lot, but I hate beer.
    I hate it so much that I felt compelled to repeat many times here because no one in real life wants to hear that – I – HATE – BEER –
    Thank you.

  18. avishp

    Thanks for sharing Kelly. Funny, but I actually really like most of the things on your list. But I suppose that’s the point of the post – we all like and hate different stuff, and that’s ok! 🙂

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