4 Responses to “More Bollywood Madness – He-Man!”


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  1. Nathan

    That was awesome. Bollywood never stops entertaining me. My friends and I have a game where at a hookah lounge with Bollywood playing, you have to watch it and whoever smiles first loses. It’s harder than you would imagine unless you’re in a bad mood =P

  2. Amy Rosenberg

    Oh, this is friggin’ hilarious! Who is the guy smoking and driving? Am I just really slow, or was there supposed to be some plot re: him?

  3. avishp

    Nathan, that sounds like a wild (and tough game). Where are there hookah lounges that show Bollywood movies??

  4. avishp

    Amy, I haven’t seen this movie, but I am guessing that the actual He-Man song and dance has nothing to do with the plot of the rest of the movie. Based on my overall knowledge of Bollywood lore, I would say that the smoking guy is th movie’s villain and he owns the nightclub, and that the hero(s) is using the performance to infiltrate his lair and get close to him. Seriously, that kind of thing happened all the time in 80’s B-Wood movies

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