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  1. Rob Kates

    It’s about time someone came out and said this. And I’m with you on the parade thing too. I mean what’s so fascinating about watching a bunch of old cars covered with chicken wire that’s been stuffed with colored toilet paper driving down the street and holding up traffic.

    I do however confess to having read “The World According to Garp” innumerable times.

  2. Is this an exhaustive list, or have you come around on children’s choirs?

  3. admin

    Thanks Rob! I have tried John irving multiple times. I had three separate people tell me that “A Prayer for Owen Meany” was their favorite book of all time, so I gave it a shot. The first timw I made it to page 50, the second time about 125, but just lost interest. Actually, I never had interest, I just kept plugging along. I also tried the Cidar House Rules, but couldn’t get into that either.

    Regarding parades, I wrote an extended diatribe about my parade dislike a couple of years ago. You can read it here.

  4. admin

    No. just a partial list – I forgot about the children’s choir thing. Thank you for putting that in my head…

  5. Nathan

    I agree that GOING to see fireworks is overrated, but not liking them is surprising. I do agree with the rest of your list of things you should enjoy but don’t though, especially parades….parades are just plain boring and stop up traffic.

  6. avishp

    Thanks Nathan!

    I am not morally opposed to fireworks, so I suppose yes, it is correct to say that I don’t like GOING to them, and that my problem is not with the concept of fireworks. Except for the personal ones that kids like to use – those to me are stupid and dangerous!

    By the way, if you want to read more about my dislike of parades, read this article I wrote a little while back.

  7. You are stupid and un-American.

    On the other hand, if you can’t stand children’s choirs, maybe we have a point of agreement.

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