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  1. Chuck

    Dude – you’re finally speaking my language!

  2. Addenda to the stupidity assessment:

    1) Stupid points to the bike rider, because in the event of a collision, the woman’s car is going to get dinged (as it were), but the bike rider is going to get broken — let alone his bike.

    2) Stupid points to the driver, because IIRC, in a situation like this there’s an automatic fault assigned to the automobile. Further, the right turn on red is *not* the same as a green right arrow — she has the right of way only if the way is clear. (Compare with trying that turn when there’s thru traffic.) So legally, I think she’s completely at fault even if the biker is running the light, like a stupid idiot who’s going to get broken.

  3. admin

    Good points Jeff. I agree that legally, the driver would have the one in big trouble. But I think the biker was dumber, ’cause he would have been, you know, dead.

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