3 Responses to “3 Success Lesson’s From Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”


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  1. Mike

    Great post, Avish! I especially agree with your first post. To make the jump from hobbyist to professional requires a lot of self-critique, ongoing self-motivated teaching, and being open to people giving you constructive feedback (even if it ends with “stupid cow”). At the end of the day, you are charging clients for what you do. The more amazing you make their experience, the more they’ll come back to you and refer you. The way to make their experience amazing is to always strive to learn more about your craft, always strive to improve your skills, and never settle for being “good enough”.

  2. Avish

    Very true Mike. I think everyone says that they believe in continual improvement, but at the end of the day few people a)take the actions to really keep improving, and b) have the self-confidence to admit that they can get better. You combine those two and you’re ready to go!

  3. Larry Wenger

    I liked your post too Avish, and I come to reading it directly from Robert Middleton’s web site, who is a marketing guru I have been following for a few years now. Especially liked the thing about giving up stuff you think you’re good at – that hit home.

    Larry Wenger
    Workforce Performance Group

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