3 Responses to “The Right to Vote, The Right to Whine”


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  1. chris

    As the first person to comment on your blog, I’m obviously the only person left who gets your e-zine.

    Now there’s a conundrum!

    Anyway, I discovered your site recently in my quest for info about the art of improvised humour and its relevance in the workplace. I’m an English teacher in Taiwan and the subject came up after a discussion about Leonardo daVinci which resulted in my Taiji teacher claiming that the Italian genius must have studied Daoist philosophy. Small world, eh?

  2. Avish

    Hi Chris, and welcome!

    That’s interesting about your Taiji teacher. I actually developed a lot of my improv ideas from my martial arts training. It’s all connected!

  3. Jeff Porten

    My personal “at least I don’t do THAT”: World of Warcraft.

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